From large corporations to small businesses, a lot of businesses are constantly looking for freight services that can keep up with growth. However, there’s a huge issue. The supply chain and logistics chain can be confusing. It can be extremely expensive if you don’t know anything about it.  

Today, we are going to talk about freight Moncton transportation services. This will help you make the best decisions possible for your company.  

Even if you are an experienced business owner, international and domestic shipping can be complex. There are a lot of things at play. Because of this, it is crucial to hire the correct freight transportation services. You’ve got to work with a 3rd-party logistics provider that handles: 


The companies that can help in handling the fulfillment and distribution services of a business is called 3rd-party logistics companies. These companies enable businesses to concentrate on more significant aspects. This includes customer services and growth instead of filling orders. Usually, this service takes a lot of resources. You might have to think about working with a 3rd-party logistics if you are fulfilling a lot of orders every day and you are running out of space to store your inventory. This is the general rule of thumb.  

If you require freight service, you need to work with a professional one to ensure that you can save money and make your business more efficient and successful.  

Intermodal Drayage and Trucking 

For a lot of businesses, intermodal trucking is very important. Your freight needs to go to a distribution center or warehouse by truck if it arrives in one location by train or boat. On occasions such as these, you require a 3rd-party logistics that offers breakbulk, container stuffing and stripping, packaging and kitting, LCL consolidation, cross-docking, and container drayage. 

Warehousing and Distribution 

You will probably require a 3rd-party logistics that manages distribution and warehousing as your business grows. This kind of 3rd-party logistics will take care of returns, shipping, and storage. The 3rd-party logistics you pick needs to offer end-to-end tracking that shows you where your products are each step of the way. If necessary, it should also track down to units of measure. In addition to that, it should offer clients with delivery data based on what is recorded in a WMS (Warehouse Management System). There are a couple of things to consider in a warehousing and distribution service. This includes light subassembly, order fulfillment, pick and pack services, lot and serial number tracking, order visibility and online inventory, and compliance reporting and labeling.  

Transportation and Trucking 

An excellent 3rd-party logistics can manage inventory shipments between your warehouse and your factory or your buyers and your warehouse – or both. Typically, there are a lot of things that affect the pricing for these kinds of services. This includes shipping speed needed, shipping methods needed, the destination location, and the origin location.  

Global freight is the same. Also, on a lot of occasions, your 3rd-party logistics will manage export duties and taxes on your behalf.